• 1 day installation & training to customer staff
  • 5 years warranty
  • Quality "Made in Europe" (statistics under IATA terms)
  • Standard sale of WAVECAMM under general sales terms of Wavecamm Corp
  • Typical for high volume customers (public transportation…)
  • "Pay per each Wavecamm unit"
  • Flexible technological renting (only for EU countries and under Partnership Agreement with Wavecamm®)
  • Typical for low volume customers or punctual needs of screening (concerts, sport events…)
  • "Pay per passenger screened"

Public events

  • A flexible and scalable solution that reinforces security in any event. Applicable to concerts, sport events, conventions …

  • It detects flares, smoke canisters, pyrotechnic, knives, banners ...

Loss Prevention

  • Nowadays security personnel don’t have the ability to detect and prevent the number of stolen items. Losses represents between 1.6% and 1% of the total sales, depending on the country. WAVECAMM makes possible the detection of any hidden objects, including electronic devices, liquids, gels and powders. It also preserve the customer and employees' safety and privacy.

  • It detect any hidden object, including liquids, gels, electronic devices…


  • WAVECAMM is easily integrated with other technologies and security systems

  • It matches the goals proposed by the IATA security checkpoint of the future, detecting any hidden metallic or non-metallic object, including liquids, explosives and toxic substances

  • It detect any hidden metallic or non-metallic object